Tezfiles premium link generator free account 2022

In this review article you will learn how to get one access key for tezfiles.com premium account as well as password and unlimited daily link generator. May 2022

tezfiles.com, a file management site and online storage for users (later called “Location”, “Tezfiles”) is a registered company. Services and notices contained herein (“Terms”).

By accessing, registering, trading, downloading and / or uploading a Tezfiles, you accept a legal obligation to comply with these terms of use. We reserve the full right to amend or substitute the T&C set forth below, provided below, at any time in our sole discretion. You will find that the latest version of T&C surpasses all previous versions. It is also a legal obligation that you carefully review your use of the Site and T&C and accept all applicable terms and conditions. If you do not agree with these T&Cs, you must not access or use the Site.

Tezfiles function

  • Save as many files as you like: There is no limit to the size and number of files.
  • Share videos without restrictions: transfer files up to 100 Gb in size
  • Single download information: from your computer, phone (Android, iPhone) and other sites
  • Frequently available files: available for mobile and PC connected to the Internet
  • Top Download Speed: Pro Access allows you to collect data without any speed limit.
  • Accelerated Support Services: Multiple support channels: online chat, support tickets and email.

Premium Link Generator service

Any site user may rely on free access to basic functions such as uploading files for download and / or storing content and / or transferring / distributing / sharing files with other users via tezfiles.com. Then no one can access your files without the permission of the original file owner.

All users who sign up for a paid account (“Pro Account”, “Turbo Access“, “Premium Link Generator”) receive certain benefits that are not available to free regular users. These benefits are described on the site. Tezfiles charges a premium account fee.

The premium account will be removed during service. Term of use and payment method are determined by the user directly. Payments may vary depending on the length of the membership, the benefits offered and other factors. You agree that the Tezfiles reserves the right to change profits and that fees may change from time to time without notice. However, we do not limit the benefits provided to paying users over a paid period of production of a premium link.

We may begin to charge users who use our free services at any time with advance notice or without the services currently available.

Benefits of Tezfiles Premium Link Generator

When a user buys a premium account, compared to using a free account, the user has the following benefits:

  • Great download speed by enabling extended data channels
  • There are no ads after registering the site
  • There is no expiration date or lines for access to user content accounting
  • Technical Performance Using the Download Manager
  • The technical feasibility of user content in many compatible downloads
  • Extended File Storage Time (2x Free Account)
  • Upload links up to 100 GB in size
  • Unlimited storage space for files
  • Tezfiles Premium account limits

Users with a premium account have direct access to the downloader, up to 25GB per day and up to 600GB per month.

The premium Link Generator can be used on up to 10 IP ranges during the day.

Users with a premium account can create and download up to 250 files per day.

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